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Expanding ICT in Ethiopia

TABY Engineering PLC is a company located in Ethiopia working on providing high quality and efficient Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and related engineering services. TABY Engineering PLC is staffed with highly skilled and experienced professionals dedicated to work towards the satisfaction of Clients as its first priority.

TABY is established as response to the ever increasing demand for support & service in the ICT sector, which was lagging behind the development pace of ICT in Ethiopia.

TABY is encouraging and providing support to business undertakings utilizing ICT for better products and/or services to their customers.

  • Technical consultancy services, which help customers, identify their actual and future ICT requirements,
  • Design and development service for establishment of information system based on findings of system study,
  • Infrastructure development and implementation services providing integrated network solution for data, telephone, and power
  • System administration and technical support service maintaining and optimizing of the ICT system for efficient performance.
TABYs Motto: Expanding ICT Service in Ethiopia


What is TABY

TABY is an acronym for Technology Aligned Business Yields, a service providing company established with the main objective to enable business establishments and service providers to perform efficiently and effectively. TABY supports the latest and modern information and communications technologies (ICT) in their application for facilitating business activities to attain better outputs for the end user, the business owner and the society.

TABY selected the number FOUR (4) as its success number, which is also the count of the letters in its name.

Our company logo is our success symbol composed of the four letters, which we assembled them in unshakable structure comprising the Ceiling (T), Side walls (AB) and a Pillar (Y).

This structure also provides four windows through which we are looking for into the future. We are envisaging TABY to be World-Class Company with recognition for its high quality and efficient engineering services.

The Symbol

Our success symbol comprises four colors,
  • RED color signifies our devotion, energetic action and sacrifices we would undergo to make our dreams come true. RED is also a color of love, love for what ever we are doing, love for our customer, love for our company, and love among ourselves.
  • BLUE color signifies that we are trustworthy, dependable, and committed in our service provision, handling every problem we are facing with extreme care and tranquility. BLUE color will enables us developing faith in ourselves and securing trust in others.
  • PURPLE color signifies our awareness to our purpose and it is a perfect balance between Red and Blue, instilling both our strength and dignity. We are working on continuous improvement by balancing between accelerated drive for innovation and reliance on knowledge and experience we have been accumulating so far.
  • WHITE color signifies the background, the source of all our success who are the employees of TABY. White color also signifies light through which all other three colors are derived from and distinctively discriminated. How could we imagine the three colors of TABY without the fourth color, the WHITE?
  • Each letter of TABY represents a different color
    1. T is for Tranquility represented by the color Blue
    2. A is for Awareness represented by the color Purple
    3. Bis for Balance represented by the color Purple
    4. Y is for Youthfull (loving and energetic) represented by the color Red

    Establishment History

    TABY Engineering PLC was established based on the experiences gained from its predecessor TABY Computer Training and Consultancy (CTC), and the desire to meet and exceed the ever increasing customer’s special requirements.

    TABY CTC was initially established in 1996 as computer training center. Later it upgraded its service providing technical consultancy cervices in ICT as well as provision of electrical engineering services.

    TABY Engineering PLC has been in existence since September, 2006 with the aim to provide advanced professional services in ICT and Electrical Engineering. As its mission, TABY is working on introducing, utilizing and supporting of new and modern technologies, which would foster the activities of business ventures to deliver better services and outputs to their Clients. TABY is envisaging a change in society’s culture by utilizing these technologies as means of development in the current information age.

    The management of the company is continuously striving to meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations and, therefore, is committed to establish, implement and maintain quality management system in the company. The quality management system is expected to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the company and to bring about continual improvement in its service providing endeavors.

    Vision, Mission and Values


    “Becoming extensively big Technology and Business Complex, having international recognition for its High Quality and Efficient ICT and related Engineering Services”


    “To have the capacity and ability to continuously serve the society as a leading ICT service provider by investing in people, facilities, systems and process improvements, which leads to high customer satisfaction based on exceptional quality of service delivery.”


    1. CLIENTS: Our improvements are derived from their demand for better service delivery.
    2. EMPLOYEES: Our strength in creating satisfied Clients
    3. TECHNOLOGY: Our tool, enabling us delivering our service with world-class standard.
    4. QUALITY: Our goal. We care – “Get it right the first time”.

    Business Objectives

    Our business objective is sustained profitability and growth, which we believe attaining through:
    1. Serving More: Becoming service provider of choice and attracting more Clients
    2. Serving Better: Delivering quality service
    3. Satisfying Customer: Recording higher rate of customer satisfaction
    4. Reserving Capacity: Having always sufficient capacity reserve to meet the ever increasing and diversifying service request from our Clients
    1. In our business endeavor we give due consideration to the followings: 1. We are more for cooperation than competition.
    2. 2. We are more for creating new markets than craving for a share,
    3. 3. We are more for quality, and affordable solution than for the cheapest solution,
    4. 4. We are more for a lasting solution than for a fast solution.


    ታቢ ኢንጂኔሪንግ ኃ.የተ.የግ.ማህ (ንግድ )
    በሳሚ ክትፎ እና ዩጎ ከተማ ቤተ ክርስቲያን መካከል ባለው መንገድ 200ሜ ገባ ብሎ
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    GPS: Lat 8.993834 / Lon 38.792795

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