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Moha Soft Drinks Indusrty - Teklehaimanot Plant

MOHA soft drinks Industry S.C was established on May 15, 1996 acquiring Nifas Silk Plant, Tekle Haimanot Plant, Gondar Plant, and Dessie Plant from the Ethiopian Privatization Agency with paid capital of Birr 108,654,000. The Company currently has seven operating units including Summit Plant, Bure Plant, and the recently inaugurated Hawassa Plant in the Southern Nations & Nationalities People's Region. The major products of MOHA Soft Drinks Industry S.C. are: Pepsi Cola, Mirinda Orange, 7-Up, Mirinda Tonic, Mirinda Apple (all Pepsi Brands), and Kool (Bure Kool and Tossa bottled water products.) The Annual Turn-over of the company has reached to Birr 556 million and sales stands at an average annual growth rate of 12%. (Read more).

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Standards Achieved

MOHA Soft Drinks Industry S.C. has adhered to Pepsi Cola International Standards and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


MOHA holds 52% of the market share in soft drinks industry in the country. With an expansion and replacement of obsolete machinery, production capacity of the plants has increased substantially. MOHA, in addition to the initial purchase price of the Soft Drinks factory, has invested Birr 8 Million for the expansion of new projects, Birr 153 million for refurbishment and replacement of existing plants and Birr 241 million for marketing, infrastructure, excluding advertisement and sponsorship expenses. Also, a significant growth over the years of production, sales, and profitability due to reorganization of operations has been achieved. Productivity has improved tremendously with major cost savings and has insured a regular supply of high quality products. It has also succeeded in reaching new market areas across the country.

Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility

The company has to-date paid Birr 656 million as excise and sales tax to the government. It provided 2485 jobs for citizens out of which 1095 are new employment opportunities since acquisition. MOHA has been successfully implementing its social obligation by way of sponsoring different events and supporting initiatives. It has contributed Birr Two Million for victims of natural disaster. It has also backed initiatives and supports HIV/AIDS victims in the Company. MOHA is well known for its multifaceted participation in community activities of which the 'Merkato Adarash' modern city bus terminal project under the motto of "Beautifying the City Together" is a recent paradigm.

Future Plans

An average annual increase of 15% in sales volume and a corresponding profit growth is anticipated.


ሞሐ የለስላሳ መጠጦች ኢንዱስትሪ - ተክለኃይማኖት ፋብሪካ (ኢንዱስትሪ)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

GPS: Lat 9.025152 / Lon 38.741531

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