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Welcome to Ethio Nippon Site - The Pioneer Automotive Distributor in Ethiopia

About Ethio-Nippon

Ethio-Nippon Technical Company S.CO. is one of the Pioneer Automotive Distributors in Ethiopia. It is owned by five shareholders, one Ethiopian and four foreign nationals. The Company was established in May 1969 as distributor of Mazda and Isuzu trucks. It has extended its services to accommodate local needs in small to large size automobiles, heavy duty trucks, Construction and Agricultural Machineries, Power Generators and Medium to large sized buses. Our experience as automotive supplier is more than four decades. We have built our reputation working with worldwide well-known Producers. Current franchise includes MMC, MFTBC, CMC, TCM and JCB and Lzum. Throughout our experience we have provided reliable After Sales Service for the variety of Products distributed. Our quality products and services have put us among the very few competitors in the local market. Currently the company is supplying Power Generators, Agricultural and Construction Machineries, together with their after sales service working with the JCB, prominent world class Machinery and Power Generator producer. Read More
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Products General Information

1. Vehicles
Product Image Model and Specifications
Automobile Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Engine  1499 CC, 109HP at 6000                
        RPM, 4 cylinder 
Transmission   5-speed   manual
Station Wagen Mitsubishi Pajero
Mitsubishi Pajero
Model   V98LNXZSL            
Engine  3200CC, 165HP at   
        3500RPM, 4cylinder
Transmission 5-speed  manual                        
Ground Clearance   235mm
Pickup Mitsubishi Double Cab (L200)
Mitsubishi Double Cab (L200)
Engine  2835 CC, 97HP at 
        4000 RPM, 4 cylinder 
Transmission  5-speed  manual
Ground Clearance  205
Van Veryca Van
Mitsubishi Veryca Van
Model   C021L
Engine  4G13, 85HP
        6000rpm,4 Cylinder
Transmission 5-Speed 
             Manual Transmission
Truck Mitsubishi Fuso FP
Mitsubishi Fuso FP
Model   FM617LHL
Engine  7545CC, 190HP at  
        2900 RPM, 6cylinder
Transmission   5-speed   manual 
Ground Clearance  265mm
Payload Capacity  8.5Tone
Mitsubishi Fuso FV517
Mitsubishi Fuso FV517
MODEL   FV517  
Engine  11945CC, 240HP at   
        2200 RPM, 6 cylinder
Transmission  6-speed  & revese manual 
Ground Clearance   250mm
Payload Capacity   10Tone
Bus Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Bus
Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Bus
Model   BE637GLSH       
Engine  4214 CC, 130HP at      
        3200RPM, 4cylinder
Transmission  5-speed  manual 
Ground Clearance 190
Seats  30
2. Machinery
Excavator Jcb Excavator
Jcb Excavator
Model    JS330
Operating weight  31.9 - 32.6 Tones     
Net engine power  202(270)  Kw(hp)                      
Bucket capacity   2.34  m3                    
Max.bucket tear out  19500  kgf
Loader Jcb Backhoe Loader
Jcb Backhoe Loader
Model     3CX SUPER SM
Operating weight   8425kg               
Gross engine power    92(68.6) hp(kw)             
Dig depth ret/ext    4.37/5.58m                       
Steer mode     4ws
Loader shovel breakout    6590kgf                      
Loader shovel capacity    1.0m3                  
Max. dipper tear out   32255/3225kgf                    
Max. bucket tear out   6228kgf
Roller Jcb Roller
Jcb Roller
Model  444TCA
Engine   Total displacement cm3 4399,
Max Rating (Gross Intermittent) kW (hp) 
				93 (125)
Operating speed min-1 (rpm) 2200 (2200
Tractor Jcb Tractor
Jcb Tractor
Model  Fastrac 8280
Road speeds   up to 70 kph
Torque is formidable:  279hp (208kW) and 
                      1195 Nm respectively
Fork-lift TCM Fork-lift
TCM Fork-lift
Model  FG15 - FG30 serious
Load Capacity  1500 - 3500KG  
               Capacity Pneumatic Tyres
               Industrial Forklift
3. Generators
Jcb Generater (Petrol)

Jcb Generater (Petrol)
Model G1Gx - G5Gx
KVA   0.9 - 5 kva
KW    0.9 - 5 kva

Model G2G - G6G
KVA   2  -  6 kva
KW    2  -  6 kva
JCB Generators Closed

JCB Generators Closed
Model  G8QX - G600QX
PRIME  KVA 7.8 - 550 
       KW  6.2 - 440
STANDBY KVA  8.6 -  590
	KW   6.9 -  472

Model  G8X  - G600X
PRIME  KVA  7.8 - 550 
       KW   6.2 - 440
STANDBY KVA  8.6 - 590
	KW   6.9 - 472
  • Download the full specifications sheet here.

    After Sales Service

    Spare Parts

    As part of our after sales service package, we deliver genuine parts and accessories for our customers. As we expand our service, the warehouse management is also getting complex. The products that we supply are increasing both in volume and line item. In spite of the complexity, we have managed to maintain our quality service by implementing state of the art IT for our ordering, Inventory Management and Conducting the Sales operations.

    To ensure continuous supply of parts and accessories for diversity of products and models, we use Integrated Computerized Stock Management System. The stock ordering, the Sales management and the warehouse inventory management are fully automated. The computerized catalog system lets fast and accurate part identification for our sales persons.

    Where to get the parts?

    Our customers can buy genuine parts and accessories at the Company’s head office and at its sales and service centers both located at the capital. Customer can also reach one of our sub dealers in Addis Ababa, Gonder, Mekele, Hawassa, Nazareth, Bahirdar, Dessie, Harrar.


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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

GPS: Lat 9.000636 / Lon 38.746184

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    Hello, the network is great, but less content. This is Will from Folangsi Machine, we are a Chinese company dedicated to the sale of spare parts and forklifts. High quality and fair price, Supply brands:TCM, Toyota, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Linde, Isuzu, Hyster and HELI, HANGCHA etc. If you have interest in our products, please contact me through fls55@folangsiforklift.com, thank you!

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