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Our Address

Kadisco Paints Distributor (Kiosk)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

GPS: Lat 8.97757 / Lon 38.759844

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  • Kadisco Paints Distributor (Kiosk) 5
    Regarding about Epoxy paint your primers it was not dryig fast enough within 36 hours and sometimes it is look like dry though after you applie epoxy paint while few month later it will come out then when you scrach floor to check problem you will find primers is still wet so please check.
  • Kadisco Paints Distributor (Kiosk) 3
    I used to think this place and the whole neighborhood is painted and that paints exist everywhere we go since all I know about this side of the city is kadisco paints..fortunately I found out it is just a kiosk or a small shop which could barely be noticed.. My comment:-The direction guide is not updated..as more building or other known places do exist it is better to use those as a land mark so that the direction will be more specific. Specially for a person who is direction blind by nature like me who hardly knows Addis Ababa. I firmly believe a direction could be rated A if it can take a lost person back to his/her senses and to intended place. not for one who in the first place has the know how of the place he is intending to go...

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