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More pictures from the qualifiers eliminatiaon round visit our Facebook page.

Qualifiers Competition to pass for the final round.

Posted by AddisMap.com on Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Final Competition.

Posted by AddisMap.com on Sunday, April 17, 2016

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Our Address

Mind Plus Maths PLC (Company)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

GPS: Lat 9.021321 / Lon 38.799238

Around here:


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  • Mind Plus Maths PLC (Company) 5
    Your work is really nice. I would recommend holding regular competitions for talented children that are disadvantaged.
  • Mind Plus Maths PLC (Company) 5
    mind plus maths compution among different school is the first time in Ethiopia.for all fields maths the base subject. so what you are doing is creating and sorting the capacity of children and i suggest you to extend your view to all part of the country by co-oprating with minster of education finally you will find the best minds,ethio scientiests for the future.
  • Mind Plus Maths PLC (Company) 5
    There are a lot of children's in remote area of our country who have got mid plus talent but didn't get the chance and i am sure that you may touch them now. try to contact NGOS for financial support and try to use media to advertise your company and i hope you will succeed. thank you alot
  • Mind Plus Maths PLC (Company) 5
    it is a good starting and it is bright feature for new generation to use its talent and my son is one of the competitor and i have invited on 09/04/17 in Assella green stadium .so i am so happy to get such opportunity. thank you so much

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