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We are not for profit organization, but an exemplary Non Government organization highly interlinked with and working with the society at the grass-root level since our established in 1997 GC.

“ We should all give dignity and value for the elderly”




To facilitate opportunities and create an enabling and sustainable development for healthier, self supporting and dignified life for older people through integrated partnership in the project area.

Specific Objectives

  • To strengthen the institutional capacity of EEPA through active local resource mobilization and partnership with government bodies and the community
  • Improve the situation of destitute older People and their family members to get access to livelihood opportunities leading to their economic empowerment, better participation in community life, and enhanced self-fulfillment in project area
  • To improve the health and social well being of elders through proper care & support in the project area
  • To enhance the awareness level of the community members and concerned government bodies on elderly people through workshops, trainings in the project area

Core Values of the organization

  1. Accountability to the services it provides
  2. Good partnership with concerned stakeholders
  3. Equality of opportunity EEPA recognizes the value of each individual and fights discrimination on grounds of religion ethnicity, age, sex, etc
  4. Respect for older persons EEPA promotes that all older person should be given respect and acknowledge and use their rich life experience.
  5. Empowerment and participation EEPA believes that older people have rich experience and they should be involved and actively participate in contributing their role in all development endeavors.

Organizational Principles

  • Equality: - EEPA advocates the right of older people to get equal access to available resources in creating dignified and respected citizens.
  • Intergenerational approaches:- EEPA recognizes the role of elders in sustaining families and appreciates their family members
  • Collaboration and networking: - EEPA works closely with all stake holders (government, CBOs, Iddirs, and individuals) to promote older people basic services of health, nutrition, safe house.
  • Maximum utilization of local resources: - EEPA believes that every community has its own asset and EEPA utilizes it’s utmost effort to mobilize human, material and financials resources available in the community for sustainable intervention.
  • Future Plan

    • Eneredada Elder People Association would like to strengthen its work with the following areas
    • Create a partnership and networking with likeminded organizations to deliver quality service to destitute elders and their families
    • Support children and grand children of destitute elders with their education.
    • In the facilitation of income generating schemes both at an Individual and Group leve Areas planned include: urban agriculture, poultry and Weaving
    • Recycling of used materials. EEPA believes that we don’t have to throw away things after use even if it gets old or retired. if we do so, we are likely to do it for elders too.
    • Awareness creation regarding the situation of older people, older people and HIV/AIDS
    • To stretch intervention strategies to the unreached locality in reaching destitute elders and their families.

    Intervention Areas

    • Provision of nutrition: 100 beneficiary elders in the center have been provided with food(lunch) three days a week.
    • Provision of ration: 100 beneficiary elders have been provided with ration (15 KG flour ,1 lit of edible oil, soaps)
    • Provision of clothing: Clothing and shoes have been provided to elders and their grand children attending formal school twice a year.
    • Medical support: elders are provided diagnosis and treatment and medication in collaboration with saint Joseph hospital
    • Support for elders grand children and children : elders children and grand children have been provided clothing ,exercise book, school fees, uniforms
    • Elders house maintenance: Elders house has been maintained by the organization like the roof ,wall and even constructing a new house for those who have been on the street
    • Elders engagement in developmental activities: Beneficiary elders engage in Spinning ,weaving producing mats and spices at the center
    • House rent payment: The organization pays monthly house rent for about 64 beneficiary elders
    • Personal hygiene: Elders get their hair made ,their cloths washed and also take shower every week in the center
    • Income generating activities: About 205 elders are provided small scale business skill training and each with 4000 Ethiopian birr as revolving loan and engaged in income generating activities
    • Provision of cash transfer: About 40 poor and destitute elders are provided a monthly cash transfer of 100 birr
    • Home based Care for elders: Elders are visited and provided home based care like bathing, hair cut ,food and coffee preparation by the young elders.
    • Celebration of holidays: Elders in the center celebrate Annual elders day, mothers day , women day and different national holidays and enjoy the time together
    • Elders employment in the organization: Elders are engaged in serving the organization as guards ,cleaner ,home based care givers for those who are weak and ill ,and cooker where by they earn a salary as a source of income
    • Funeral service: Elders get funeral service after they passes away with out any payment in the church. This is made possible through agreement reached with different churches
    • Recreation : Elders spend their time in visiting cultural places, singing watching films ,engaging in physical exercise
    • Elders participation in sport Since physical exercise and sport is important for any individual, beneficiary elders participate in different sport events for healthier life
    • Volunteering activity: volunteers serve the organization in different office work activities like Research work ,Secretarial service ,Photocopying ,Prepare brochures ,fliers ,organize bazaars as an income for the organization ,home based care for elders, tutorial support for children and grand children of elders
    • Education for elders in the center Education has no limit in aging hence, elders in the center learn basic writing and reading skills
    • Recycle of clothing and other materials of elders after their death: Clothing and other utensils and equipment are recycled by the organization after elders passes away to be distributed again to other beneficiaries in the center
    • Coffee ceremony : Three days in a week beneficiary elders gather together , exchange their past history and have fun with coffee ceremony
    • Planting of trees in the vicinity of Addis: To be an exemplary to the young generation in maintaining its environment, elders engage in the planting of trees, cleaning their area
    • Awareness raising for the wider public: Awareness raising events have been organized for the public about elders care and support and their rights through mass gatherings on the Square
    • Awareness raising for government bodies on older people situation: The organization organize sensitization workshop for government bodies ,the community ,NGOs to increase their participation about the issue of older people
    • Recycling of Used plastics ,bottles, woods ,papers ,metals: The organization recycles different used materials which is collected and become a source of income to show that everything considered older and useless have a value
    • Planting of vegetables at elders compound: Elders use the available space in their compound or other place and plant vegetables which can be use d for their house hold consumption and also sold to become an income Different income generating events like bazaars has been organized, On the event products of elders were sold and become a source of income

    Target groups

    1. Older people who are 60 years and above
    2. Elder women will be given emphasis
    3. Elders who are disabled will also be given emphasis
    4. Elders on the street
    5. Children and grand children of older people

    Our Partners

    1. HelpAge International
    2. Ethiopiaid
    3. Ethiopian Elderly and Pensioners National Association (EEPNA)
    4. Arada Subcity Bureau of Labor and social Affairs
    5. Gulele subcity Bureau of Labor and social Affairs
    6. Addis Ketema Subsity Bureau of Labor and social Affairs
    7. Elder Associations
    8. Sub cities Women Children and youth Affairs Office
    9. care and support organizations in the network
    10. Sub cities micro finance institutions

    Our Address

    Eneredada Elders People Association (Non-Governmental-Organisation (NGO))

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    GPS: Lat 9.04482 / Lon 38.742389

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    • Eneredada Elders People Association (Non-Governmental-Organisation (NGO)) 5
      Hi, I am alula from Ethiopia, I love what is the role of your organization.

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