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Connecting Ethiopian Businesses to the Web

We create AddisMap.com & map.et & other map products in a sustainable and community-focused way.



BAME PLC (AddisMap.com) Company Profile


  • To be the most innovative Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solution provider to businesses, governmental organizations, tourist attraction venues, and the general public providing full information on navigation using a variety of application software.


  • To provide our customers with complete a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Ethiopia, and improve management of their resources in the most efficient and effective manner. To develop innovative GIS products and services with the aim of improving decision-making processes of our customers.

Our Goals

Our corporate goals are:
  1. Providing the best Web-Based mapping Services with off-line solution applications.
  2. Serving customers and potential users with high-quality and accurate Map Data.
  3. Creating the best Hot-line (24 Hrs Free Call and Support) Center.
  4. Production of map-based cutting-edge technology Sales and Marketing applications and services.
  5. Production of International standard entertainment and commercial (multimedia) materials.



Strategic Alliances / Partnerships

During its five years of trial operation the company has been able to gain written support and recommendation from various government authorities, businesses, International Organizations and respected high career status individuals. As one of the key players in our country within the sector it has been able to get invitations and participate in local and international conferences, meetings and seminar up to government level participation.

Supporting Governement and Non Government Organizations

  • Addis Ababa City Administration (Office of the Mayor)
  • Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT)
  • Government Affairs Communications Office (GACO)
  • Addis Ababa Culture and Tourism Bureau
  • Mestrona GBR – (German Based Server Provider IT Company)
  • TABY Engineering PLC
  • OpenStreetMap Foundation (OpenStreetMap.org)
  • Ozzie Hospitality and Business Group
  • RAM Marketing and Media
  • AIM Marketing
  • Addis Happenings

Offline Applications

You can download GARMIN maps of Ethiopia in our download area.

More about our Company

Our Address

Bandira Addis Map Entertainment PLC (Business)
From Gotera Interchange to Debre Zeit Road past the first left Olibiya
Nifas Silk Lafto, House No. 1496
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

GPS: Lat 8.977596 / Lon 38.76179

Around here:


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Phone: +251 114 42 75 61 | EMail: info@addismap.com

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  • Bandira Addis Map Entertainment PLC (Business) 4
  • Bandira Addis Map Entertainment PLC (Business) 1
    ሱፐር ማ ሪ ከ ት ስራ
  • Bandira Addis Map Entertainment PLC (Business) 5
    Great work.
  • Bandira Addis Map Entertainment PLC (Business) 4
    I would like to say the page is more than I imagined I get exact place that I was looking for....keep it up for all over the country.
  • Bandira Addis Map Entertainment PLC (Business) 4
    Guys ... nice creativity , well organized , quality based work !
  • Bandira Addis Map Entertainment PLC (Business) 5
    Awesome directory ! it was an interactive and simple to browse through to find different locations also street names, which basically made my life simple.
  • Bandira Addis Map Entertainment PLC (Business) 4
  • Bandira Addis Map Entertainment PLC (Business) 4
  • Bandira Addis Map Entertainment PLC (Business) 4
  • Bandira Addis Map Entertainment PLC (Business) 2
  • Bandira Addis Map Entertainment PLC (Business) 5
    Best navigation I could've imagined. Didn't expect it to be so precise and easy to handle.
  • Bandira Addis Map Entertainment PLC (Business) 3

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