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A Travel Guide to Addis Ababa

by Jenny E. & AddisMap.com staff

A trip to the bustling Ethiopian capital city of Addis Ababa, nestled in the foothills of Mount Entoto, will give you an exotic flavour of Africa, with sights, sounds and tastes to tantalise your palate. The country is a melting pot of different cultures, with residents from over 80 different nationalities forming the population. It has a sub-tropical climate, having an average annual high of 22.8 degrees Celsius, with pretty unvarying weather patterns due to its position near the Equator.

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What to Do

Whichever way you turn, this vibrant city will offer experiences that will fascinate and educate. The Ethiopian National Museum houses the infamous 3 million year old fossilised remains of hominid "Lucy". In the hustle and bustle of the Mercato district, a huge market area, is the Anwar Mosque, the largest in Ethiopia. Beta Maryam Church is worth a visit not only for its architecture and amazing murals, but for the giant land tortoises that happily graze in its grounds! The city also hosts the national postal museum and railway museum. You may spot a sugar cane seller who walks around town with 3 or 4 long stalks of cane on his back, often up to 6m in length. For a small amount of money (the local currency is Birr), he will hack of a portion for you with his machete. Shopping in Addis Ababa is a pleasure, with antiques, art, curios and jewellery in particular being haggled over.
Food in Addis Ababa is a delicious experience - one of the local specialities is raw meat, often served with a choice of Awazi or Berbere sauce (chilli and mustard, or spicy red sauce). Injera is a staple of all food served in Addis Ababa, a large spongy pancake made from a small grain called teff, it is used to scoop up whatever meat or vegetables you have been served. Accommodation is hugely varied from the five star Sheraton Addis to delightful homely guest houses, such as Mr. Martin's Cozy Place, basic but excellent value for money and so welcoming.

Getting There, Around and Away

Addis Ababa's, Bole International Airport is approximately ten hours flight time from London. Travel round the city is via Anbessa City Bus Service Enterprises, or the popular blue and white share taxis (a cross between a bus and a taxi). Car rental is a great alternative to public transport, enabling you to travel whenever and wherever you like. When booking, consider where you want to pick up and drop off the vehicle. Different companies offer a range of different vehicles, so it's worth planning whether you would like a nippy economical small car for round town, or something more rugged (or even off-road) for travel into the surrounding mountainous area. You should also consider the various car rental options in Addis Ababa, if you want to ensure you have the flexibility to explore this fascinating city and its surrounds at your own pace with features that tie in exactly with your needs.

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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  • አዲስ አበባ / Addis Ababa (City) 3
  • አዲስ አበባ / Addis Ababa (City) 5
    A very peaceful city, where all live peacefully even though there is a lot different in economic class. Very amusing
  • አዲስ አበባ / Addis Ababa (City) 5
    The city I grow up in.the beautiful city I learned many things in..the city I will always love . many infrastructure , many buildings,peace and calm... The best city ever
  • አዲስ አበባ / Addis Ababa (City) 3

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