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"Menschen für Menschen" Foundation (Non-Governmental-Organisation (NGO))

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

GPS: Lat 8.980004 / Lon 38.761504

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  • "Menschen für Menschen" Foundation (Non-Governmental-Organisation (NGO)) 5
    It sounds great to have such nonprofit NGO with naming 'People for People' in this century. This days, human beings are being cruel to each other committing different crimes worldwide for no good reasons. Menschen für Menschen" Foundation is a generation hope in the midst of this glitches. Although I didn't involve in any of your trainings, I understand this organization is the hope for the hopeless and the guide for those who lost their ways. Your focus on education makes you odd from other NGOs providing other community support. I think your organization follows the philosophy of '' Teaching how to catch a fish by using a simple net '' rather than ''providing a fish itself'', which is by far better. May God, bless you for all your deeds and keep it up! I wish to join you in any volunteer activity thru all possible means. Many thanks!
  • "Menschen für Menschen" Foundation (Non-Governmental-Organisation (NGO)) 5
    Living in community is never easy and we must be prepared to make big sacrifices. Although, solidarity is stronger than ever and this is wonderful especially since you live rather modestly in the center. I understand better the cultural tradition of Ethiopia has inspired you to explore the world more. Being a volunteer for Menschen for Menschen is an opportunity of a lifetime ! I have got your volnters tranining at Dano Before a yaer while I was a teacher at highschool founded by your organization at Kara Garjeda. I am too awear at your tanining of different sector.You are a life of poor Ethiopians, specially for those Western Ethiopia.so I proud you More and more. I am Gemechis Moti from Addis Ababa.

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