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Connecting Ethiopian Businesses to the Web

We create AddisMap.com & map.et & other map products in a sustainable and community-focused way.



Condominium Winners List

10/90 Winners List March 2007
20/80 (Old) Winners List March 2007

Who We Are

BAME is one of the major producers of digital and thematic maps for Ethiopia. Its map data is prepared for easy utilization and can be accessed through its web portals, applications and other related services. The products and services in are also modern replacements for manual business directory services and to date, has located more than 230,000 points in Ethiopia that are available exclusively on its own database. Furthermore, it also provides advertisement space on the digital map and allows users to have visible access to the location and contact details of the various businesses through the Internet, mobile phones and mobile navigation devices. BAME PLC has designed and produced custom location based systems for the Country's finest businesses, Government Offices, Non-Government Offices and other service providing organizations for over four years. The Company has developed an international standard location map database and is ready to introduce the nation with the leading edge of technological systems design and integration. This technology focus and expertise has enabled the Company to take full advantage of the new generation of location based services and products, and automation systems that combine a large accumulation of high quality location data with professional quality devices and cutting edge database programs that generated fully localized systems– all presented with simple and easy to use modes.

BAME was registered and licensed by the Addis Ababa City Administration Trade and Industry Bureau of Addis Ababa Ethiopia in October 2009. After its formal establishment the company has been able to obtain contracts with high value clients like East Africa Bottling S.C., Ethio-Nippon Technical Company S.C., MOHA Soft Drinks Industry PLC, BGI Ethiopia, Zemen Bank and others with a good business reputation. The Company is at the forefront of this new generation of technology and has established a strong market position in the country specially Addis Ababa and its surrounding and with a growing presence in the international market.


More than 80% of information that we use in our daily lives often involves geography, hence the study of Geo-Info-systems. This subject relates to location, demographics, and environment. As a business, your geographic location is your base. It is your contact point, your domain and anyone who enters it should be looking for your specific service. Your aim is to receive a steady stream of traffic to this location. Your concern is the competition at other locations providing similar services as yours. The only way you can better this competition is to increase your marketing power. This is where Our Company helps you. The future of the Internet is already here; with over a million users in the Ethiopian capital, it is the fastest and most efficient way of reaching these potential clients. AddisMap.com has designed the ultimate business location finder for all to use. People want a quick and efficient way of finding your business, and what better way than providing them with a detailed map of not only where you are, but also what you do along with whatever information you want your customers to know.


To be the most innovative Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solution provider to businesses, governmental organizations, tourist attraction venues, and the general public providing full information on navigation using a variety of application software.


  • To provide our customers with complete a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Ethiopia, and improve management of their resources in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • To develop innovative GIS products and services with the aim of improving decision-making processes of our customers.

Our Merits

  1. Providing creative Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions to different clients with their own specific needs concerning navigation of transport usage, important sites and locations to result in:
    • economizing transport cost in terms of fuel cost
    • economizing on time usage while on the road
    • also taking in to consideration the tear and ware of the vehicle.
  2. Creative approaches to the clients’ special needs in order to find unique and customized solutions
  3. Team work based on the implementation of progressive communications disciplines
  4. Professional quality of services provided by a highly motivated team with Strong technological background

Company Goals

Our corporate goals are:
  1. Providing the best Web-Based mapping Services with off-line solution applications.
  2. Serving customers and potential users with high-quality and accurate Map Data.
  3. Creating the best Hot-line (24 Hrs Free Call and Support) Center.
  4. Production of map-based cutting-edge technology Sales and Marketing applications and services.
  5. Production of International standard entertainment and commercial (multimedia) materials.

Opportunity, Market and Differentiation

The economy of our country is largely based on agriculture, which accounts for 46.6% of the gross domestic product (GDP) and 85% of total employment. Ethiopia is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and is Africa’s second most populous country. Many properties owned by the government during the previous regime have now been privatized and are in the process of privatization. Since recent years the government has embarked on a program of economic reform, including privatization of state enterprises and rationalization of government regulation. While the process is still ongoing, the reforms have begun to attract much-needed local and foreign investments. Despite recent improvements, there are still large gaps to fill in order to reach the five year Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP). Recently, the Ethiopian government has become member of various international organizations and committees in order to gain a better acceptance in the investment sector, one of these is the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This was followed by changes made in its investment policies and that has laid out incentives to motivate capitalists enter into venture investments.

These services are localized in a manner to fit the local requirements; also it’s cheaper and yet highly accurate. As one of the pioneers to privately localize a mapping system for the country, it has been able to get recognitions from various key role players with an award to go with. Some these recognitions include:

  1. Two Awards on the 5th ICT Exhibition at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Center that is hosted by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT)
    • 3rd Place Winner - Best Innovative Product
    • 3rd Place Winner - Best Presenter for Visitors with Display
  2. 1st Place Winner - New/Adopted Best Hospitality Product on the First Hotel Show Ethiopia held at the United Nations Conference Center hosted by Ozzie Business and Hospitality Group.
Besides these awards it has also been able to secure supportive relationship with the Addis Ababa City Administration (Office of The Mayor), Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MoCIT), Government Affairs Communications Office (GACO) and Addis Ababa Culture and Tourism Bureau among other significant organizations and businesses. Apart from these it has the advantage a head start in adopting the technology, and providing it in a user-friendly manner. During the company's five years struggling but rewarding journey it has taken part in various local, regional and international conferences and meetings.

Corporate Achievements

Since its establishment in 2009 BAME has been able to reach the following Milestone through its five years operations:

    Map Data Collection
  • Collection of Main Highways data
  • Adding Landuses other highways (features) from extracted from Satellite Imagery
  • Detailed POIs collection for Addis Ababa City
  • Detailed POIs collection for 16 Surrounding Cities of Addis Ababa
  • Translating POIs to Amharic for local users
  • Refining and Updating complete Ethiopia map data
    Routing Offline Map and Map Applications
  • Localization of Data specifically for GARMIN compatibility
  • Adding detail informations for routing
  • Added Local Area Names for more information alternatives
  • Inclusion of details for on-route connectivity (i.e., phone numbers for direct call forwarding)
    Printable Vector Maps
  • Testing Map data vectorization and conversion to printable formats (Converting RAW XML Map data to Vector Design and Print Ready JPEG/PDF/PNG Formats)
  • Map Scale and Area Size experimentation successfully done
  • Categorizing Map data Points according to industries and relevance
  • Creating different map design styles and themes for printable maps


Current Customers/Clients

  • Ebenezer Hotel and Guest House
  • Hello Guest House
  • KG Corner Restaurant
  • Pizza Di Napoli Restaurant
  • Life Pension #1 and #2
  • GETU Commercial Center
  • Zemen Bank
  • BGI Ethiopia
  • MOHA Soft Drink Industries
  • Ethio-Nippon Technical Company S.C.
  • East Africa Bottling (SABCO, The Coca-Cola Comapny)
  • TABY Engineering
  • Hotel Show Ethiopia
  • Ozzie Hospitality and Business Group
  • Slovak Embassy
  • Euro-Africa ICT Forum
  • Great Ethiopian Run
  • Don Bosco Catholic School

Strategic Alliances / Partnerships

During its five years of trial operation the company has been able to gain written support and recommendation from various government authorities, businesses, International Organizations and respected high career status individuals. As one of the key players in our country within the sector it has been able to get invitations and participate in local and international conferences, meetings and seminar up to government level participation.

Supporting Governement and Non Government Organizations

  • Addis Ababa City Administration (Office of the Mayor)
  • Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT)
  • Government Affairs Communications Office (GACO)
  • Addis Ababa Culture and Tourism Bureau
  • Mestrona GBR – (German Based Server Provider IT Company)
  • TABY Engineering PLC
  • OpenStreetMap Foundation (OpenStreetMap.org)
  • Ozzie Hospitality and Business Group
  • RAM Marketing and Media
  • AIM Marketing
  • i-Rescue ICT Solutions PLC
  • Addis Happenings

Meeitngs, conferences and Seminars Attended

  • 4th EURO-AFRICA ICT FORUM (2010) held at the UNCC and hosted by European Union and African Union joint forum. (www.Euro-AfricaForum.org)
  • 10 STATE OF THE MAP (SOTM) an international mappers conference hosted by OSM Foundation and held in Spain, Girona City [Live Video Presentation entitled “State of Ethiopia 2010” followed by question and answer session] (www.stateofthemap.org)
  • WHERECAMPAFRICA – ETHIOPIA 2012 hosted by WhereCampAfrica.org and ICE-ADDIS, ICTDA where a presentation was done on the mapping status and implementation of Geo-Spatially Enabled Technologies is Addis Ababa and Ethiopia especially by BAME. (www.WhereCampAfrica.org)
  • ICT CRACKER BARREL a local focus group meeting that used to take place every two months at the British Counsel [A division of British Embassy], and hosted jointly by GTZ/GIZ, British Counsel, Wiz Kids Workshop, Live Ethiopia Foundation, Addis Bits Foundation, ICTDA and other prominent ICT based local and international development organizations.
  • Addis Ababa City Master Planning Conference a two day conference and seminar that discussed on the master plan revision of Addis Ababa city and the neighboring Oromia State.
  • 50th Anniversary of the OAU-AU and the 22nd Ordinary Session of African Heads of States and Governments Meeting – held at African Union new Conference Center Complex. BAME gave media coverage for both events through its web portals using event promotion and coverage services.
  • GLOBAL GEOSPATIAL CONFERENCE 2013 held at the United Nations Conference Center.

Public Bid Participations

  • Purchase of Sub Contract Works on Digital Orthophoto and Line Map Production for 23 Major Urban Towns – a public bid by Ethiopian Mapping Agency (EMA)
  • Upgrading and Integrated Web-Based Management System – part of the project entitled “Strengthening Regional Development Planning in Oromia Region (SRDPO) Project being implemented by Oromia Bureau of Economic Development (OBoFED)

Offline Applications

You can download GARMIN maps of Ethiopia in our download area.

"Map Up Addis!"

The first Ethiopian OSM Mapping Party with the theme "Map Up Addis!" was held in Addis Ababa on March 18 Sunday 2012 Starting 3:00 am in the Morning to 7:00 am afternoon. For further reading checkout our:

Our Address

Bandira Addis Map Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Co. (Business)
From Gotera Interchange to Debre Zeit Road past the first left Olibiya
Nifas Silk Lafto, House No. 1496
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

GPS: Lat 8.977576 / Lon 38.761806

Around here:


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